I Love frozen Yogurt represent the best equipment that the world has to offer, from Italy.

Top of the line machines for high performance. Frozen Yogurt Equipment


Frozen Yogurt Machines

Froze Yogurt MachinesGel-Matic is an Italian brand specializes in manufacturing express blending units for the production…Read more.

Yogurt Topping Counters

Yogurt Topping CountersThe TYO Series is a range of yogurt topping counters for the display and serving of 12, 16 or 20…Read more.

Blast Freezer

BCB_03-RESIZEDA compact blast freezer that reduces the product temperature fast and inhibits micro-organism while keeping…Read more.

Display Cabinets

Prospettica-ISA-mill-RESIZEDDisplay cabinets to stock frozen yogurt on a stick, filled cakes, cookies, take away tubs and more…Read more.

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