Fun Yogurt Facts

There is a lot more to frozen yogurt then meets the eye! Sure, it’s deliciously cold, creamy and naturally sweet but the next time you take a spoonful of this frozen treat think about these interesting facts:

  1. It’s ALIVE! You can’t get much fresher then yoghurt.
  2. It’s cultured – a step above your average everyday food. Frozen yoghurt contains helpful “good bacteria” such as L. bulgaricus and S. thermophulus. These healthy cultures have been shown to keep the digestive system regular, stimulate the immune system and fight infection. Eating just one cup of frozen yoghurt that contains these “active cultures” each day will work wonders for your body and health!

    I Love Frozen Yogurt!

    I Love Frozen Yogurt!

  3. It’s the 007 of dairy, working undercover. Frozen yoghurt has had many disguises over the years, going by the name of Frogurt, Humphreez Yogart and Danny.
  4. It’s historical. People have been making and eating yoghurt for over 5,000 years. It is believed that the first yoghurt was made by accident in a nomadic tribe. Milk carried in goatskin pouches was fermented by wild bacteria living on the inside of the pouches. Imagine the brave person who first tried that sour-smelling, coagulated milk!
  5. It’s international. Yoghurt got its name from the Turkish word “yogurur”, which means “long life”. In fact, there has long been a belief that including yoghurt in your daily diet is associated with longevity, so eat up!
  6. It’s multi-cultural, or should we say multi-mammical. Yoghurt can be made by any mammal that produces milk, be it goat, sheep, water buffalo, yak or camel!
  7. It’s romantic. There is no need for breath mints when frozen yoghurt is involved. Have a scoop before your next close encounter as eating yoghurt has been shown to improve bad breath.
  8. It’s chemistry. Frozen yoghurt has nutritional benefits beyond milk, rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. In fact, eating yoghurt on a regular basis can also help you absorb the nutrients in other foods.
  9. It’s a fat-buster. Yoghurt helps you feel fuller and, if eaten as a snack, can decrease the calorie consumption in your next meal!
  10. It’s easy to digest. Because of the fermentation process, yoghurt can easily be digested by many people who are lactose-intolerant.


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