Frozen yogurt is a fantastic product which offers many different serving opportunities giving you the chance to increase the turnover. Frozen yogurt solutions

Frozen yogurt can be served in many different ways. This helps you to diversify the market making delicious creations. Cakes, filled pies, cookies, frozen yogurt on a stick and also take away tubs represent a good option to boost sales.

A colourful display cabinet is an interesting marketing leverage to attract customers which are invited to buy more. Thanks to the innovative silicone moulds manufactured by Silikomart it is very easy to realize many yummy frozen yogurt desserts in beautiful shapes. Ideal for catering business!

Silicone Moulds

Silicone MouldsSilikomart is the world leader in producing moulds and accessories… Read more.

Gelmatic – Excel 100

Excel 100Compact machine perfect for businesses wanting to serve moderate… Read more.

Gelmatic – Excel 500

Excel 500Excel 500 is a two flavours machine provided with interactive system and… Read more.

Blast Freezer

BCB_03-resized-3COLA compact blast freezer that reduces the product temperature fast and inhibits micro-organism while keeping… Read more.

Display Cabinets

Prospettica-3COLDisplay cabinets to stock frozen yogurt on a stick, filled cakes, cookies, take away tubs and more… Read more.

Take-away Tubs

No more wastage of product… Read more.

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