Add value cafe restaurant

Add Value: If done effectively, this concept can be a winner for a business and a great idea for adding another dimension to your existing shop, be it a café, food outlet or restaurant!

Start-up expenses can be far less as most businesses will only need one or two machines behind the counter as opposed to the self-serve concept where 4-6 machines are needed. With the counter top concept there is a much stronger focus on outstanding customer service and satisfaction, along with presentation.
The Counter Top concept is perfect for those customers that want to be handed a deliciously hand-crafted cup of frozen yoghurt looking like a masterpiece. They are happy to avoid the mess and time consuming process of self-serve, even if it means waiting in line.If this is the type of business which suits your needs you do not have to forget to promote the news!

Place the I Love Frozen Yogurt posters at the entrance of the store and display the toppings in a Gemm yoghurt topping counter. This is a good way to increase the client traffic in your store, visitors would be happy to browse around and test the news.The Counter Top concept can also be used to enlarge the menu. Use Silikomart moulds to make frozen yoghurt filled cakes and pies or prepare delicious smoothies, adding a different fresh fruits and juices with the frozen yogurt to create a variety of flavours.



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